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Ukrainian born and Frankfurt am Main based artist Artjom Chepovetskyy is known for his often large format chiffon paintings and a palet of bright and often sonic colours.

Artjom Chepovetskyy's cross media explorations and investigation of three-dimensionality has times and again drawn his attention to experimentation with objectlike qualities in his work. With the use of a wast palet of colours, some of which scream for attention while others try to disappear, Artjom Chepovetskyy succeeds to achieve a sense of balance choosing to work with simple shapes. Capturing the viewer's attention by the use of dynamic colour compositions Artjom Chepovetskyy is interested in furthering a discussion on real space. His masterfully orchestrated compositions use the illusion of space to keep us wondering how his paintings communicate depth from a flat support.

P.W. & P.K.

For his first project in intaglio Artjom Chepovetskyy introduced his palette of soft pastel and sonic bright colours into his project with Printer's Proof. Deep print allowed Artjom Chepovetskyy's colours to acquire a velvet like density and softness. Moreover, intaglio furthered Artjom Chepovetskyy's exploration of object like qualities in his work. Tuning into the technique of collage Artjom Chepovetskyy created complex sculptural compositions. Fascinated with the possibilities of paper embossment, Artjom Chepovetskyy meticulously worked every detail of the colour fields collages bringing forward hidden folds and accentuating paper margins, allowing thus some details to emerge while others disappear.

His intricate mode of building a picture shows also a great sense of humor. There is a playfulness that comes to the forewhere the colour strips seem to acquire a life of their own. At times the colour ribbons open up and expand, attempting to leave the composition, other times they hold fast, clutching to the mate next to them, afraid to detach and fall.


Investigating the printed media's limits and exploring printmaking traditions Artjom Chepovetskyy succeeded to introduce a sculptural space into his work with paper.

The space in and around his colourful paper compositions is as eloquent in Artjom Chepoveskyy's new series of unique works on paper as the folds and the colours in them. The use of bright, sonic colours formed into planes and panels are used to bring our attention to the empty space. This way Artjom Chepovetskyy opens his works beyond the confining plane of the picture, introducing a third dimension to an otherwise flat surface.

Artjom Chepovetskyy, born 1984, Odessa, Ukraine. Lives and works in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

He received an MFA from the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (Germany).

Artjom Chepovetskyy’s recent exhibitions include Alabaster Blue, Galerie Heike Strelow, Frankfurt am Main (DE), Walk the line, Galerie Heike Strelow in Kooperation mit Strelow und Walter Kunst GbR, Frankfurt am Main (DE) and Essential Reductions, Galerie Heike Strelow in Kooperation mit Strelow und Walter Kunst GbR, Frankfurt am Main (DE). He is the recipient of Preis für Malerei der JGV, Wolfgang-Blanke-Stiftung, Mainz (DE).

Kaspar Oppen Samuelsen signing his etching Ride On