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RUTH CAMPAU goes beyond the boundaries of traditional painting in her artistic practice. She takes distance from the two-dimensional format of the canvas toward more spatial, installational formats, experimenting with a whole range of materials. Campau refers to her work surface as potentially infinite while she endlessly repeats the same brush stroke with the objective of documenting her presence.


With a steady hand, Ruth Campau communicates the seductive qualities of the materials she is using. Her gesture can be compared to that of a gymnast for its elegance and ease. However, a look behind the scenes would reveal Sisyphean labour. Campau’s every move is a trial of the body’s movement and it’s imperfection. The physical effort is put into making meters long panels that are then cut and formed into a composition of geometrical or colourful patterns by the artist.

- Ruth Campau (b. 1955) is represented by Feldbusch Wiesner Rudolph Galerie, Berlin, Germany & Galerie Hartwich, Sellin auf Rügen, Germany.  

Text in Danish by Louise Steiwer


Ruth Campau

This Moment for You, 2022

A series of 22 monoprints (unique works)
Signed by the artist

Printed & published by Printer’s Proof