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ASTRID MYNTEKÆR (b. 1985) is known for her sensory installations where the delicate and the spectacular can be intertwined to spark our imagination. Her unconventional material selection ranges from readymades to high-tech laser and magnetic fluids. Light plays an important role in Myntekær’s work that she is often using as a way to evoke in us a greater sensitivity for space. It helps her to point out reality’s abstract structures and immaterial “substances”.


Central to Astrid Myntekær’s work is the interest in material substances that assume new and symbolic meaning when manipulated by her. She explores some paradoxical contexts across cultures and ages. As a true philosopher Myntekær asks basic questions about the nature of the universe and its connections to human thought without providing us with an answer.


The artist’s photogravure Palmstroke is a caption of a single stroke of lightning in a glass. Having captured it photographically Myntekær then portrayed it in printmaking by means of work with photopolymer – a light-sensitive material. The material’s exposure to light produces an “etched” polymer plate – etching in Myntekær’s case an image of intricate branching of natural electric discharge.

- Astrid Myntekær is represented by Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen.


Astrid Myntekær

‘Palmstroke', 2014


Technique: Photogravure
Printed on Somerset 300 gr.  
Sheet size: 56 x 38 cm  

Edition of 16  
Signed & numbered by the artist

Printed by Printer’s Proof
Published by 
Printer’s Proof & Fifth Floor

Price: € 405 incl. Danish VAT